Video Blog: Kirschner On Educating our Youth for Non- and Not Yet Existing Jobs

Paul A. Kirschner

Two of my dear colleagues Essi Vuopala and Niina Impiö from the Learning & Educational Technology (LET) Research Unit at Oulu University asked me if I was willing to record a short Q&A about educating our youth for non- and not yet existing jobs for a presentation at EAPRIL 2017. The session was Cloud 1: Updating university students’ working life skills for 21st century.

What follows is a 12 minute video dealing with, among other things:

  • How working life will change.
  • Domain specific knowledge and skills along with metacognitive knowledge and how to help students achieve metacognitive knowledge.
  • What the difference is between skills and competencies.

Mirjam and I hope that you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

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