Every now and again, when we think it’s really worth it, we post blogs or articles from others.

This time, we would like to share an article by Karl Kapp, who is Professor of Instructional Technology and Director of the Institute for Interactive Technologies at Bloomsberg University. He’s also the founder of L&D Learning Academy and co-founder of Enterprise Game Stack.

Recently (on 23 Feb, 2023, to be precise), he posted a great evidence-informed article on the (lack of) value of interactivity in eLearning, titled ‘Is there such a thing as “Too Much Interactivity”​ in eLearning?’

Spoiler alert: The answer is YES.

In eLearning, striving for “more interactivity” [Read: swiping, clicking, dragging & dropping] or trying to eliminate “this looks boring” because it’s not “interactive enough” often sacrifices the ability of the learner to actually…learn.

Someone on LinkedIn (forgive us, we no longer can find the comment, so can’t cite you properly!) called it ‘clickety clickety bling bling’, which is a perfect description for this type of interactivity πŸ™‚.

Oh, also, just to be very clear… this article cites somewhat older research and some people seem to think that things have fundamentally changed since 2007. Well, they haven’t. How people learn (from a ‘cognitive architecture perspective’) or how people interact with on-screen items has not changed!

One more time, the link to Karl’s article. Enjoy!