Our Top 3 – Sizzling Summer Blogs

Mirjam Neelen & Paul A. Kirschner

In the summertime (no, not the song by Mungo Jerry), things can be a bit quiet, especially in the professional space. Being lonely in the office while your colleagues are traveling to exciting tropical destinations. It’s just a boring time. In Dutch we call this ‘komkommertijd’ (literally ‘cucumber time’; denoting the off-, silly, slack season). So, we just thought it would be nice to provide you with something exciting.

Our top 3 sizzling summer blogs

summer 1

 3starlearningexperiences started slightly over two years ago. We met online on Twitter and started this blog after one of us (Mirjam, a Dutch native living and working in Dublin) suggested that the other (Paul, originally an American but now a full-blooded Dutchy) should also blog in English. It was only last November that we met ‘for real’ in Oulu, Finland. It kind of sounds like the perfect, modern-day love story, right? It’s not! We’re both happily married to other people, have kids (and Paul even has grandkids) and are further boring home-types. BUT… we really enjoy working together and we learn a lot from each other – well, Mirjam probably learns a little bit more from Paul; after all he’s older and wiser (and grumpier).

We recently dug through all our work from the last 28 months (54 blogs visited by almost 55,000 people) and chose to republish our ‘most read blogs ever’.

 No 3:

Disturbing Facts About Digital Natives

summer 2

No 2:

21st Century Skills Don’t Exist So Why Do We Need Them?

summer 3

Hands down, our best read blog ever is……

(written by the one and only Paul A. Kirschner solo)

No 1:

Seminal Papers in Educational Psychology

summer 4

We’re looking forward to continuing our work. Enjoy your summer!

summer 5