Win a FREE Ticket to the L&D Conference 2021


Are you a (managing) learning professional and are you interested in performance consulting, learning strategy, learning design, learning analytics, or learning technology? If you are, then this conference* – which is specifically designed to encourage learning – is for you!

Three TOP REASONS why this conference is worth your time:

  • Learn in the flow of work – Bring back to work what you learn right away, try things out, and ask for feedback from the experts.
  • Engage with world-class speakers – Julie Dirksen, Bob Mosher, Arun Pradhan, Jane Bozarth, Brandon Carson, Karl Kapp, Lori Niles Hofmann, Megan Torrance, to just name a few… offering 30ish asynchronous learning paths and tons of live debates, panels, presentations, networking opportunities, and more (We are participating as well!)!
  • Build research-inspired, evidence-informed practical skills – The speakers are carefully selected based on the practicality and effectiveness of their work.

Here’s what you need to do to have a chance to win:

  1. Explore what’s on at the conference to determine if it’s for you.
  2. If the answer is yes, make sure you can also commit time and effort.
  3. Tell us a little bit about yourself through the COMMENTS HERE IN THE BLOG:
    • What’s an L&D problem you’d like to solve and/or an opportunity you’d like to seize?
    • How could the conference help with that?
    • What/how do you plan to share back after the conference? (please, be specific -we’ll hold you to it! :))

We will draw 2 winners from all serious submissions next Friday, 18 June and announce them on our blog, on LinkedIn, and on Twitter.

* The conference is organized by the Learning & Development Accelerator (LDA), a global membership community supporting professionals in L&D! It brings professionals together to support and learn from each other, explores research-aligned practices, builds professional standing for the field, and advocates for all professionals in L&D.


9 thoughts on “Win a FREE Ticket to the L&D Conference 2021

  1. Julieta Francos says:

    What’s an L&D problem you’d like to solve and/or an opportunity you’d like to seize?
    I would like to offer training right at the time the employee needs it, without having to log into the LMS and specifically targeted to the need he/she has at the moment.

    How could the conference help with that?
    I want to hear what is approach experts and professionals recommend for this problem, that is backed by science and works.

    What/how do you plan to share back after the conference? (please, be specific -we’ll hold you to it! :))
    I will utilize the learnings in the new designs I build, specifically in my new job starting in July.
    The blog has been a great resource for me to ensure that the experiences I build are robust and effective.


  2. Lexter Martin says:

    1.What’s an L&D problem you’d like to solve and/or an opportunity you’d like to seize?
    Ans. I would like to understand/build a process on how to identify & nurture experts within an organization so that knowledge/best practices can be enhanced within the organization. Help with innovation.
    2 How could the conference help with that?
    Ans. I would like to connect with L&D practitioners & learn how to go about this. See if there is a practice/methodology already available. Or help with building/ research one.
    3.What/how do you plan to share back after the conference?
    Ans. Write/share publicize my learning with the group/LDA etc.


  3. Neda Mađarac says:

    1. I’m a teacher and teachers trainer with the mission of helping disadvantaged students reaching their full potential.Because I come from rural parts of Western Balkan, most of the educational reform policies are based on poor teacher’s critic feedback and they are, a sort of, good myths selling. I would like to be able to provide more evidence based teaching and training and arm myself with the newst scientific evidences in the field of learning design/ teaching/ training.
    2. Conference has the subjects which are from the biggest and most important interest for my further professional development as a trainer for teachers from all over the EU. Practical and scientific knowledge will be embeded in my future learning design, development and quality teaching preparation.
    3. I’m applying for the conference because sharing gained knowledge afterwards is one of my biggest motivation.
    I’ll share informations about conference on the national and transnational level.
    All gained knowledge during the conference will be carefully implemented into my future teaching and preparation of the European teachers for the quality learning design and starving for the best professional development.
    Conference will help me to improve creation of more evidence based learning environments and less intuitive and subjective teaching.


  4. Vishal says:

    I would like to learn more about on the job training from all these experts and will bring those learnings to my site employees who don’t know much about computer but experts in their daily tasks.


  5. Polina Lulu says:

    * What’s an L&D problem you’d like to solve and/or an opportunity you’d like to seize?
    My journey is towards a better learning experience for our children. I am an educational game designer, currently on maternal leave with my second child. Parenting have undermined most of what I’ve known about Learning Design. That’s why I am starting a blog called ChildrenLX that will focus on learning, edTech and parenting.
    The mission of the blog is to deeply understand learning, children, product & game design for children, technological mindfulness, ethics, habits, skills and more. Everything we, parents and LX designers, need to know in order to empower our children’s learning experience using technology, and how this kind of technology should look like.

    *How could the conference help with that?
    At the moment I am in the research phase for my the blog: looking for the right people, organizations and products to to follow, opening a blog, and defining the core structure, vision, and goals. All that while figuring out what is the right framework for learning and blogging for myself, a full time ambitious mum. I believe that this conference will give a boost to my research and give me a solid base to start blogging.

    What/how do you plan to share back after the conference? (please, be specific -we’ll hold you to it! :))

    I will be honored to share on my blog insight and recommendations from the conference.
    I am sure that there will be tons of knowledge to cover 🙂


  6. 3starlearningexperiences says:

    This is Navneetha Lokanathan’s submission. She had trouble leaving a comment herself so we’re doing it on her behalf:

    What is an L/D problem you would like to solve and/or an opportunity you would like to seize?

    I would like to seize a training opportunity through which I can prove that effective training can interrupt and change participants’ thought process/behavior which results in improved performance.

    How could the conference help with that?

    When I took a look at what the conference could offer me, I was spellbound. It has everything that I am looking for, which would help me in my goal I have mentioned above.. these topics include but not limited to Design for Behavior Change, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome(Being a budding trainer, this is going to help me a lot), the motivated learner, what to do with the identified performance problems, using chatbots for Learning & Performance support, from course factory to performance partner.

    What/how do you plan to share back after the conference?

    I can contribute in the form of a blog post in 3starlearningexperiences about the learnings I would acquire from this conference; I would also love to share back the learnings in the form of a training- partnering with 3starlearningexperiences.


  7. Katty Vandeput says:

    The L&D Challenge:
    Which training formula works best if your training audience ranges from the booming generation to generation Z?
    How could the conference help with that?
    If your training audience is so large and diverse, it is extremely important to get a broad scope in the offer. Especially if you are looking for evidence-based professionals, this congress is top shelf.
    Your ROI
    I would be thrilled to share my feedback or even better: share the ideas I could implement thanks to my participation on social media.


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