Distance Teaching Y10

Class Teaching

During these very challenging times, educators across the world are all very focused on how we can ensure that the distance teaching we are currently undertaking is as effective as it can be.  Whilst this is of course important for all students, it is especially so for students in Y10 who are approaching the half way point of their GCSE courses.  We’ve been thinking about this at Durrington and are focusing on three key areas:

  • Readjusting the Y10 curriculum
  • Optimising the distance teaching of new material for Y10.
  • Supporting Y10 to become better at self-regulation.

Readjusting the Y10 curriculum

The curriculum drives what students should be learning but as we know, learning from a distance is tricky.  With this in mind it’s worth reviewing the curriculum that you had intended to deliver to Y10 during this summer term and moving things around.  There’s very little point in attempting to distance…

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