Solving problems and being creative

Part 2 of our pingback marathon! An incredibly important topic today. Greg Ashman explains why knowledge has a central role in all creative and problem solving endeavours.

Filling the pail

In the last couple of posts, I have fallen down a rabbit hole burrowed by the Education Endowment Foundation and others. I don’t think a knowledge-rich curriculum is something that can easily be tested and found to work or not to work, because it relies on the slow accumulation of knowledge across a variety of domains. It also brings into question what we are doing all of this for. If a child knows lots about the solar system but this does not aid her standardised reading performance this year then should we conclude that knowing about the solar system is useless? I don’t think so because I want students to know lots of stuff. In this sense, for me a knowledge-rich curriculum is more of an aim than a method.

Yet I do think that a knowledge-rich curriculum should help improve reading comprehensionover the long term due to my…

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